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Classification Reasoning Questions and Answers


Classification Reasoning Questions and Answers:-

Jobriya is one of the largest job notification portal in India which provide study material for SSC Exam,Bank Exam, UPSSSC Exam and many more. going to tell you classification reasoning question and answer, reasoning questions and answer pdf, analogy examples  here i am tell you how you can solve classification Reasoning Question , verbal  and non verbal reasoning in Hindi within minutes. in this section we provide you classification reasoning,classification examples, classification online test, classification reasoning books,classification online quiz . in this chapter we will tell you classification tricks,classification  questions in Hindi with answer. we also tell you how you can solve analogy  reasoning question within second.  In this platform you can take online reasoning test in Hindi, online reasoning quiz in Hindi, we provide 50 classification reasoning question and answer in Hindi any candidate can take online reasoning test in Hindi each reasoning quiz contain 50 question and each carry 1 marks and total time will be 50 minutes.

Classification Reasoning

Classification‘ means ‘to assort the items of a given group on the basis of certain common quality they possess and then spot the stranger out’.

Classification Solved Example:- 

TYPE 1 :  Choosing the odd Word

Directions : Choose the word which is least like the other words in 4he group.

Ex. 1. (a) Curd (b) Butter (c) Oil (d) Cheese (e) Cream
Sol. Here, all except Oil are products obtained from milk. Hence, the answer is (c).

Ex. 2. (a) Rose (b) Lotus (c) Marigold (d) Lily (e) Tylip
Sol. Here, all except Lotus are flowers, which grow on land while lotus is a water flovyer. Hence, the answer is (b).

Ex. 3. (a) Pistol (b) Sword (c) Gun (d) Rifle (e) Cannon
Sol. Here, all except Swoid are fire arms. Hence, the answer is (b).

Ex. 4. (a) Cathedral (b) Mosque (c) Church (d) Monastery (e) Temple
Sol. All except Monastery are places of worship, while monaster* is a place where monks stay. Hence, the answer is (b).

Ex. 5. (a) Book (b) Paper (c) Pencil (d) Pen (e) Sharpener
Sol. Here, all except Book are stationery items. Hence, the answer is (a).

Ex. 6. (a) Geometry (b) Algebra (c) Trigonometry . (d) Mathematics (e) Arithmetic
Sol. Here, all except Mathematics are branches of Mathematics. Hence, the answer is (d).

Ex. 7. (a) Poland (b) Greece (c) Spain id) Italy (e) Korea
Sol. Here, all except Korea are European countries, while Korea is an Asian country. Hence, the answer is (e).

Ex.8, (a) Copper (b) Tin (c) Brass id) Platinum (e) Zinc
Sol. Here, all except Brass are metals, while brass is an alloy. Hence/ the answer is (c).

Ex. 9. (a) Carrot (b) Potato (c) Tomato (d) Ginger (e) Beetroot
Sol. Here, all except Tomato grow underground. Hence, the answer is (c).

Ex. 10. (a) Calf (b) Cub (c) Piglet (d) Duckling (e) Hireling
Sol. Here, all except Hireling are young ones of animals. Hence, the answer is (e).

Ex. 11. (a) Gangtok (b) Singhbhum (c) Hyderabad (d) Chennai (e) Bhubaneshwar
Sol. Here, all except Singhbhum are capitals of states of India. Hence, the answer is (b).

Ex. 12. (a) Chameleon (b) Crocodile (c) Alligator (d) Locust (e) Salamandar
Sol. Here, all except Locust are reptiles while locust is an insect. Hence, the answer is (b).

Classification Online Quiz :-


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